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QSS 3000 Initial Setup


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I have QSS 3000.Last two months machine was frosen from time to time, especially when machine is idle for about 15 min or more.After that time I can "print pictures", take corection but when start button is pressed nothing is happen, transport don't work, cutter don't work, exposure too is not working.Then I have to restart the machine trough windows and when QSS is initialized again everything is working O.K. until next long pause of idle position.Then I decided to take restore the machine with "CD Image file" that was created by my servicer when was upgrading computer with new mother board and faster processor.

Restore process was succsessful.I restore the backup data from floppy disc too (to keep the channels and corections).Machine is working O.K. but now I get much smooth pictures (contrast is missing}, especially the production from analog media (film) is very bad.

I forgot the mentioned that my servicer made one CD with Image file and three floppy discs, (two with "Initial Data" Vol. 1 and Vol.2, and one with backup data).I wonder if I should restore these two floppies with initial data first, but I don't know the write patch to do this.

Please HELP. What is procedure when restoring the software of QSS 3000???



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Try  to reload the firmware by the service menu (floppy disk 2260)

Menu/extension/F -1/2260/maintence/software upgrrade/software upgrade (HD)/select all /yes / now the system reload the firmware in each board ,Wait for the total (normal termination) register and go to order menu too work


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