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Have u heard about PC-NRT-RS6 ??


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Sirs, to my knowledge QSS3201, 3202 and 3203 are ALL using PC-NRT-RD2 Scanner.

Have anybody heard about Noritsu NRT-RS6 Scanner ?

In which Noritsu Model this Scanner is equipped ?

Anyone knows what is the Noritsu part no. of the PC Mother Board of this NRT-RS6 Scanner ?

Is it W411348-01 (which has been substituted to new pat no. W412863-01) ? ? ?

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Some QSS-3201, 3202. & 3203 machines use the PC-NRT-RD2 computer, some use the PC-NRT-RS6 computer.

There seems to be more 3201 machines over here using the PC-NRT-RD2, though this may just be coincidence.

The part numbers for the NRT-RS6 motherboard were W411757 or W411348, now replaced by W412863 which is ROHS compliant.

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Mr. Dave S, 3 questions I think of..

What are the differences between PC-NRT-RD2 and the PC-NRT-RS6 Scanner used in QSS-32xx ?

Is one of then replace the other one in latter QSS-32xx serial no. ? which scanner is the latter one or better one ?

or  it is an optional (upgrade) when QSS-32 buyer to select before they buy QSS-32xx in your country ?

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