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Noritsu 2301 HRCRT Lines


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Do you only get this on prints through the HRCRT?

optical images are OK

Are the transfer rollers in the HRCRT clean and the No1 crossover dry

It looks more like a pressure stripe buts its hard to tell from the sample

It could be bad uniformity but this is very difficult to do without a factory tool and software.

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The HRCRT was the first Noritsu machine that attempted to use a flatbed scanner and uniformity software to correct uneven exposure.

The software on the HRCRT was very difficult to use successfully and it was a factory mode only at first and later on they said it could be done in the field by an trained engineer. It works sometimes but most opted to send a sample print along with the data and have the factory modify the file and return, the data disk for you to reload.

Later machines like the 26 with the VFP and 29 perfected the uniformity calibration but the HR was a bugger to get it correct.

Good Luck

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I would help you. I did many Uniformities for HRCRT, Sienna, Netprinter 812, e.motion 408. Yes, it's hard to perform, but nothing is special, as Magenta said. Basically FRED software is locked by HASP key, but I believe I still have version 4.0, which is the only could be run without HASP key. You need flatbed scanner Microtek ScanMaker 4 or 5. I'm not sure you will be successfull on X12usl, but you can try. There is a special calibration procedure for scanner before to go, but you can skip it and see if you are lucky guy. I kindly suggest to change the scotch on crt before to print the test pattern. Scotch tape must be Scotch original brand Type 850, transparent. Then you have to calibrate 12'' Glossy paper, clean the CRT surface with isopropyle, and go...

Please contact me by my general e-mail for more information.


Noritsu Laser Repair



Austin, Texas, USA

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