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Noritsu 1501 with CPDM - COM port disconnects


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Hi everyone I'm new to the board. I'm a small lab owner with a Noritsu 1501 coupled with LabNetPlus's CPDM based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Recently the embedded PC's motherboard got fried so I replaced it with a Foxconn board and it worked fine for a day. But now whenever the lbnLab software starts to expose a print job, it halts at 7% (a cleaning sheet exposes successfully, however). It seems to me that the PC's COM port (RS232) looses its communication with the CPDM's Controller Board. A long time elapses before the PC talks to the Controller Board again. I already tried changing settings in the BIOS.

What might be wrong? With the old motherboard I had Win2K installed; now I switched to WinXP.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Thank you Neil for your reply, I will be trying that.

A quick update: I'm ruling out COM port problem because using software like Advanced Serial Port Monitor, I can see that communication keeps going when lbnLab gets stuck exposing a print. Apparently it's something else.

Again thanks in advance for any input.

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New update: in the antivirus software, Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0, an entry gets logged whenever lbnLab tries to expose a print. The Selfprotection module of the antivirus thinks that lbnLab tries to alter it and blocks lbnLab.

I tried uninstalling the antivirus, but lbnLab still halts at 7% of exposing a print.

I'll keep you posted.

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Hi there,

I might be a little late on this post.

I had the same problem with my SFA 238 coupled with DigitalContact printing. We did all the changes we thought we should and in the end we changed the RAM memories and the processor and the problem was gone. It came to this because of a power failure, well not actually of power faillure but because of probably the high voltage when the power was back.

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