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white prints with 2301


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i have an 2301 with an HRCRT. I have white prints (no exposure) after processing. I check in the output check, the shutter, the YMC filter and the motor of the lens. Everything seems ok. But when the machine print, there' s no light expose the paper. We restart the machine many times but the problem is still here

Has someone an idea ? is it serious?

best regards


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Is the lamp actually on?

If not fit a new lamp, maybe the lamp is blown or faulty.

Open and close the lens cover to the right of the ANM, can you here the lens deck move?

Is the chemistry ok?

As a very rough test pull out some paper from the magazine, then wind it back in again, now do a few prints, are the fogged pieces of paper black?

If the lamp is on and the chemistry is ok, load in your backup data floppy disk.

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