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Qss3211 Exposure confirmation


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Hi everyone,

Please check the attached image print, the yellow is not aligned

properly when exposing the image. Any print, no matter the paper size, you

can see the yellow line around the black edge and you can see cyan as well.

See attached image.

Here's the odd thing.  I have done an Exposure Position Adjustment and an

Exposure Magnification Fine adjustments and in both cases, the yellow line

is not correcting as seen on the attached confirmation prints.  

For the Exposure Mag. Fine adjustment on the 290 line I changed the yellow

line to -.4 dot and left the magenta at 0.  You will see from the

confirmation print that the yellow line did not move. Files

find_adjust_confirm001 and test001

For the Exposure Position Adjustment, I selected 0b for magenta and 0h for

yellow in Block B

Block D1  -1   Block D2  +1

Note the confirmation print is off.  File ExpPosAdjustConfirm and test

Can you think of any reason as to why the confirmation print would not

reflect the inputs?

Due to the file size limitation with each thread, I will post another thread for the rest of the files.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi You need to concentrate first on Exposure position before you attempt the fine setting

Unfortunately I can not see the first sample print but you need to use the test print not confirmation print. If I got the confirmation print you have shown The magenta line is nearly spot on at 0a

The yellow is miles away and -4d is closer. The block d 1 and D2 are not that bad but +1M and 0y would be my choice.

You really need to use a lupe to pick the closest one in block B. Choose the closet box you have and then register your choice then do a confirmation print. The aim is that the 0 position is then perfect on the confirmation print. It is possible to use the confirmation print but you have to decide what way to move it, from the sample print a plus correction moves the magenta line right so if you want the line to move left Minus what ever you have already selected.

Once you have the above correct look at the fine adjustment I would use the 190mm position not the widest

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Thank you for the reply.  I will follow your suggestion.  I also attach the missing sample print that shows the yellow line around the black edge.  To provide more information on this problem, I had a laser unit repaired and installed back into the printer.  Do you know the proper procedures after a laser unit is repaired and put back in place?

The alignment on the yellow is getting better.

However, I am seeing some alignment issues with a few magazines.

Is that normal?

Do I just need to go in and do Center Exposure Correction?

Do I need to re-do the Master or just the magazines in each position?

I'm not familiar with how to do the Master...can you explain the sequence as to

what I'm looking for and need to do?

Thank you very much for any help that you can provide.

On another note, I video the whole process of removing and putting back the laser step by step for the 3211.  If anyone has a need in the future, I will make a movie to share.  It is not professionally done, but it works.

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