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Colorimeter problem with new motherboard 3001


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I have changed the mother board of a 3001, everithing work good but Colorimeter doesn't inicialize...

It is connected to the PCB board that have front panel, UPS, and all go to COM port that have the new mother board equal to Old Ricoh Motherboard...

I have changed all IRQ, And I/O Address... in Bios... also I have changed by Windows IRQ and COM (1 to 2) and 2 to 1....

Is there some advise? :'(

THank you!

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The colorimeter must be connected to the COM1 port.

Check all your cable connections are good.

If necessary check the continuity of the cables with a meter.

The connections should be as follows: -

COM1                    J/P184 Colorimeter PCB

Pin 2     -----------------------      Pin 1

Pin 3    -----------------------     Pin 2

Pin 5    -----------------------     Pin 3

Pin 6    -----------------------     Pin 4

Pin 7    -----------------------     Pin 5

                                    UPS connector

Pin 4   ------------------------     Pin 4

Pin 8   ------------------------     Pin 8

Pin 1   ------------------------     Pin 1

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It sounds like the serial ports on the new motherboard are not working.

Easiest way to test them is with a serial mouse.

If you are using internal com port connections to the interface PCB, connect the serial mouse to P955.

Or use an IDC10 to DB9 Male, Motherboard Serial Port Connector cable.

See below picture.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi, Now I have working COM port, the problem was that COM1 was external COM PORT, so I swap by device manager, and now Work... But now I have a new problem...

When QSS software starts before do a software upgrade of PCBs, colorimeter, Printer..... show an error message:




Execute Software upgrade

Colorimeter unit


After that shutdown...

I run setup CD again and again but always have same message.

-I have H001 Update CD and I use it to install minilab System Software...

-Also I have Install CD G00-P but I don't use it....

What do you advice me?  Install first G00-P and after Update to H001?

Or else do you know how to access menus wihout check nothing to run software upgrade manually...

Thank you very much.

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I end all tasks before running H001 CD... But always have the same error Message after install...

Do you know if there is a way to enter menus withoth checking nothing to do software upgrade before software check anything... In service mode there are a menu to do a software upgrade selecting which component you want to upgrade or can upgrade all... I need to access that option but software shutdown before show any menu...

Thanks Dave S.

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Finally Solved. I had to make a custom cable for colorimeter. like distribution Dave S Said

COM1                    J/P184 Colorimeter PCB

Pin 2     -----------------------      Pin 1

Pin 3    -----------------------     Pin 2

Pin 5    -----------------------     Pin 3

Pin 6    -----------------------     Pin 4

Pin 7    -----------------------     Pin 5

                                    UPS connector

Pin 4   ------------------------     Pin 4

Pin 8   ------------------------     Pin 8

Pin 1   ------------------------     Pin 1

The problem was that pins are different in Rocoh Motherboard and new motherboards.




New Are:



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