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Noritsu v50 error 10


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   Morning! Anyone out there have a manual for this machine? Looking particularly at the loading box.

  Insert leader card, close door, idle rollers should pick up and transport to tanks, but for some reason it 'aint happening. Drive is all fine, leader card can be manualy pushed onto first sprockets, but no good for production. Sensor switch seems to work (open and closed readings).

  The two pairs of idle rollers (lower) seem to be under different tension, how are they tensioned? I suspect this is where my problem is, but without a parts blowup or advice I cannot be sure, and I don't want to needlesly spend all day pulling that appart if it isn't the problem.

  The error I get is  'leader card not fed, remove and re-insert' 'Error code 010'


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There are 2 solenoids that sit on the bottom of the loading unit. These push up the bottom rollers to drive the leader card forward. The most likely problem is CD has got into the loading box at some point and caused the solenoids to get stuck. Spraying them with WD-40 and manually operating them until they are free normally does the job.

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Yep they have to come out to remove the loading section.

Just as a check see if input output check is turned on in Check mode. If it is use input check to check that the leader card detection works when the leader is in its flat position, it may be right on the edge of working when it See's a leader but when you let go it switches off again. The lid down sensor also has to go dark. When they are both dark and the drive is on the solenoids activate.

In output check you can scroll down to left and right solenoids and with the drive on and lid down use the yes key to activate the solenoid. You should hear it clunk. If not its as Dave says strip it down and clean the moving parts.

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Yes you have to remove the loading box to get to the 2 solenoids.

Once you have removed the white outer cover (2 screws at the front and 2 screws at the back) don’t pull the cover out too far, as the cable for the status LED need to be disconnected to completely remove the cover.

Now remove the 2 screws from the top of the display/keyboard unit, lift up keyboard unit, then lift if upwards towards you, then swing it out of the way.

Now remove the 3 screws for the black panel. Now remove the 4 screws for the black cover that is around the loading box unit. Remove the cover lock solenoid (2 screws)

Now remove the 2 screws at the back holding the loading unit in, loosen the 2 screws that are on the base of the loading box (a long screwdriver will be needed to get to these screws) remove the 2 connector plugs going to the loading box.

Remove the plug going to the drive rotation sensor, which is behind where the cover lock solenoid was.

Now lift the whole loading unit out.

It sounds more difficult than it actually is.

Though I would say that as I’ve done it hundreds of times!

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Thanks Guys, special thanks to Photocorp, a valuable addition (hopefully rarely needed) to the library.

Solenoids indeed stuck, as confirmed in input check. I found after removing cover that if I removed the door lock solenoid & controll pcb (from top of unit), there was just enough room to access the fixing screws, with a little slide forwards and a tilt (not forgeting to disconect the drive rotation sensor connection) the whole unit could be removed without any further dis-assembly.

One solenoid was not to bad, just a little sticky, the other I thought was seized solid at first but persistance and a pint of WD40 got it moving. I don't think this one had been working for a while, but it is now! The whole inside of the loading box was remarkably clean (appart from the unavoidable dust bunnies) with little evidence of chemical intrusion, thankfully. Thanks to Noritsu for making those bottom fixings keyhole, they are engineers.

  Now to get my film dev'd, only 8 hours behind, not bad. I have noticed that the film sensor is now incorectly identifying the film, so I guesse it's back in there and give them a clean when I have a moment, but for now I'll just double check the rep rates, which I'm sure I set before.

Thanks again to everyone, keep busy!

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