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Alternatives to Kodak SM Tank Soloution


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Yes .. we have done this ourselves and we're using Champion / Russell chemistry.  In fact we gave Champion the idea and they came up with a commercial product recently [in fact last week someone was selling a conversion kit on ebay].  Also Fuji-hunt has a solution.  

Our solution cost us about 10$ to do with stuff we bought at B&H photo (new york) and a hardware store - some jobo chemistry bottles, some "GOOP" silicon glue, some nipples from used SM packs and some creative thinking.  I can't advise you on how to do it because more than likely you'll end up with contaminated chemistry but if you're careful and methodical and don't use the PART B nipples on the PART A side, you can figure it out.  The only problem.. on our MP1600s sometimes we get an error because the lab detects too much chemistry pumped without a pack change.  But this is easy to reset (by 'pretending' to change the pack).

Note: You don't need 3 part chamistry for the CD.  You can deactivate the replenishment pumps for 2 of the 3 CD parts and use one bottle.  The back part on the left pack is Stab .  We use concentrated chemistry [diluted 50%] which replenishes with more water to make the correct concentration/replenishment rate

That's why you should go with Champion, they have it all figured out.

Good luck with this [i'm not responsible for any problems arising out of my 'advice']

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