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Noritsu QSF-V30P problems


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Lately I have had loading problems with my V30.  It seems that the leader card sensor is bad, but I found upon checking the sensor it is functioning correctly.  It is a intermittent problem.  Film does load, and go through the machine, the dryer however does not come on.  However, the dryer works upon startup.  Also, after film comes out, obviously I get a "dryer sensor error" among a few other sensor errors.  At this point, even trying to restart the machine (at the breaker), the machine still retains the dryer temp error, and the machine thinks it is full of rolls of film.

My question is, is there a way to fully reset the machine to clear the 'film in machine' problem?  I think this will allow me to have a temporary fix, so I can run film untill i can figure out the major problem.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Also... does noritsu still even service the V30's?

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last question first YES

If the machine is seeing film the sensors that detect film width are blocked, dirty or faulty

You can check all sensors via input check, Mode check.

This will list all the sensors on the machine Loading box etc.

With no film or leader in they film and perforation sensors should all be light, left and right side, you can also check the leader card micro switch by putting a leader card in and out and see if it changes state. If any are dark blow it out with Kand air.

Normal fault is a wet film has been pulled out and you have got dried Dev on the sensors.

You need to remove the loading box to get at the sensor array and give it a clean and replace it all. Lots of screws and a few plugs. Not that big a job.

If its still dark the sensors can be adjusted but they should not need adjusting if they are clean.

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Thank you for the suggestions... I have run the check (mode) on the sensors.  Everything is supposedly working properly.

One thing I have noticed, is the leader card does not load unless pushed in really far (past the inital rollers)  So I think there is a problem with loading, which triggers all of the sensor errors.  I will take it apart on monday.

In the meantime I guess I have another question for V30 owners...

If you remove the plate above the film cutters, you can see the top set of rollers that are always moving with the drive system.  How exactly does the machine pull in the leader card?  Is there a lower set of rollers that 'pinch' the leader card when loaded?

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The leader card micro switch that detects the leader must be closed, also you have a lid sensor, with both the lid sensor dark and the leader sensor dark 2 solenoids push the bottom rollers up to meet the 2 top ones, pushing the leader into the dev rack. The solenoids can be checked via output check mode. If its turned on and available to you to see its in the same place as input check. It is classed as an engineer mode and you need the engineers service disk. but it can be turned on via a Dip switch  on the main CPU

Again the solenoids jam when they have been wet or even damp they get a bit fusty and jam, easy to clean up with a bit of wet and dry. Leave the lid up on the loading box at night to vent any damp and check the fan at the right hand side of the dryer is venting as this can be a cause.

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Thank you all for your input..

I have been cleaning and running tests all day.  The problem was in the optical sensors at the back of the loading assembly unit.  There was an upper and lower LED array encased in plastic.  Sure enough the lower array had dried chemistry on it.  A simple clean with alcohol solved the problem.


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If this sensor was dirty it should have shown in input check. All Noritsu machines from the very earliest systems have Input & output check modes. They are available to you the user in most cases without any password.

They are very useful.

eg when the machine says remove paper and you think the machine has no paper. Instead of ripping different sections out to look for a tiny bit of paper, use input check and see what sensor is dark. Thats the one you need to check. If a sensor is light it can see the light on the other side of the track. If its dark it can not see the LED, If it not got paper in it and its clean its likely to be wiring or PCB fault

You could of course just try and pass some more paper and see if it jams? 8)

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