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QSS 2711 DLS


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Morning All,

I am having a problem the recovery on a QSS 2711 DLS, Running V3.0LA on the 6866 KOD machine. Every time I try to run the recovery the boot section is good and everything is fine, as soon as it reads the Floppy an error occurs. NTLDR missing. I have three towers all standard and this is happening on all of them.

All the files are viewable and accessible on the FD but the problem still persists.

Anyone with insight on this PLEASE help.


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As per your PM....I sure don't know much about windoze except that I don't like it.

The NTLDR missing is kinda over my head. I wish I had more info on that but I don't.

Don't forget you have to BOOT the machine with the floppy in place AND the CD in the drive to get the recovery process to work.

I have built from the ground up two machines without the aid of the recovery disks. MOSt of what is in this thread would apply to making your work without the recovery disk.


Do you have the CD's to load DLS software? (other than the recovery disks)

ARE you sure that number on the IPW (6866 KOD) is correct? What mhz is the IPW?

You can use a windoze 2000 disk to recover the basic machine and then we can help you set up the drives to be correct and then just load the DLS disks. This is a lot more work but it can be done.

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hy my dear

I hope you are noT trying to recover with a floppy downloaded from the net or copy from a normal computer? it won't work cause the  existing DOS portion can only be copyd from a DLS server

another thing NTLDR MISSING means the booting sector from the system driver C:/ was not formated correctly and this should be built by the recorvery floppy disk

you may try to have one good tested copy

good luck


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With WinImage http://www.winimage.com/winimage.htm is possible to make even selfextracting exe file which (if you set correctly the parameters) will after starting new created exe from your bootable floppy disk even ask to format the floppy and then it will make the imaged floppy on the new one.

It is great utility I even used it for making bootable file which then can be used with Nero to make your own custom made bootable CD or DVD...., also it is good for making backup off bootable floppy disks.... Also it can open bootable file (img or ima) which is extracted from bootable CD or DVD with some ISO utility (ISO buster...), and then you can modify it, put new driver like SATA, change the autoexec or config file which are stored in bootable section...

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