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Need a manual CD for 2901


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Hi everybody

It's already been 8 month since I reported my 2901 problem ( May/30/2008 ) which was 8 mm low density line show up on my 11x14 prints.

And I've been worked with it after making one path printing without any paper waste (prints from wallet to 8x12 ).

I often did emersion change balance.I could not make uniformity procedure.

Today I've got another same type of line appeared on 11x14 print( there are two lines ).

My 2901 is getting worse.So I really want to know what it make that kind of problem and I want to find out myself with manual at this time.

Could you share one manual CD for 2901 with me if any member own it?

If so, I really appreciate it. :)

Thank you all.

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The low density lines could be uniformity, it is possible to do a flat bed uniformity but this is normally a factory option, it can take ages to pull it in and get it to the point that the calibrator can fine tweak it. if it was the odd pixel then that will normally sort it.

Your problem is more like a PCB, The 29 MLVA controls pixels in blocks, sounds  like a whole section is light.One control IC down and now you have lost another.

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You might find these these extracts an interesting read from the QSS-2901 manual. They describe the procedure and tools required to set-up the MLVA and execute a uniformity calibration.

You will require the Astra 4400 flatbed scanner which came with your QSS, though probably works OK with Epson models. This can be a very frustrating exercise if you think this might solve your problem, but your issue looks a little more sinister........and expensive.

Good luck.

P.S. You don't necessarily need the Noritsu templates to undertake the measurements. You can fudge your own!

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Have you tried changing the Filter Wheel? I know that the Filter Wheel does not seem related, but I had somewhat similiar problems with my Noritsu 2711. I learned that the Filter Wheel actually causes all sorts of crazy problems. I actually have two Noritsu Qss 2711 and I have replaced the filter wheel on both machines because of two different looking problems. One of my first posts to this site was because I could not figure out what was wrong with my prints. I had original thought that it was a uniformity issue as well. Check out my old posts if you like. I am also out here in California.

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Feel like I'v almost reached up to the solution.

if that is a PCB, which  PCB you talking about, and  how many control IC on that PCB ?  

Because I can not make 8x10 print any more since  2nd line appeared on prints ( top line, across  the faces ).

I'm gonna switch one of the IC to the bad IC. then it make re-position of the line so that make 8x10 again.                  

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