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MP1600 (2701) - problems setting up new papers


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I've been scratching my head with this one.

Traditionally we're a FUJI paper lab and we have two MP1600s.   We use FUJI type PD and C papers, Kodak Supra Endura and DNP Centuria papers with absolutely no problems - we get great prints with all of these papers.

This past weekend I tried to set up Kodak Royal generations paper on the machines (using the proper procedures) .. but when I do the emulsion change, even though the paper is balanced properly (+.01 +.01 +.01) it tells me that the DMAX is out of acceptable range.  Also the prints look muddier in the blacks and the prints don't have detail (in the blacks)

Additional information:

1)Chemistry is in balance on both machines - problem is on both machines.  One machine uses Fuji-Hunt the other uses Champion chemistry.

2)Papers like Edge, and Fuji Crystal Archive type II also give me this probem.

3)I started over with 3 other paper type definitions to see if this would make a difference.  Using 'Kodak Daylight' profile, I was able to eliminate the DMAX warning but the prints still look muddier with no detail in the blacks compared to FUJI PD, Konica (DNP) and Supra Endura.

4) I tried to raise the temperature of the chemistry to see if this would make a difference.  It didn't make a difference.

Any ideas?  I can get a really good deal on Royal paper so I want to fix this issue.



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The lack of dmax is usually attributed to problems with a DIRTY filter wheel. Are your filter wheels new? Got silicone sealer on them?

The machine reporting that DMAX is out or whatever it says is no biggie. Mine has said it (for Supra but not royal) from day one and makes good prints on both papers.

That problem might lie in the numbers first picked when looking for the 3 sets of numbers that are the sharpest during the first part of MLVA setup. Dickin around with these numbers will effect overall contrast. BUT WON"T make black blacker.

I saw someone out here mention that they had trouble with the Generations paper. The Royal I have used is still the Royal Digital. And I couldn't tell you if Generations is the same or significantly different. I had a BUNCH of it and when it's gone I'm done with Royal. So maybe its the Generations paper?

We had issues with muddy blacks on Supra but not on Royal Digital. Had to replace the filter wheel and suddenly Supra looked GREAT. But the Royal looked fine the whole time go figure.

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You cannot successfully set up a mp1600 with royal paper anymore. the royal paper does not have enough silver to get a good dmax. about 2 upgrades back the royal started to be harder to balance. the pro series papers from kodak do balance easily but not the royal. we switched to endura 2 years ago and the problem went away instantly. i have since switched to fuji paper without a problem . consumer fuji paper some times is a low score on morning setup..ie 3stars but almost always passes. the fuji pro always passes with 5 stars.

Say you self a lot of trouble and don't bother with royal. it is not the process, it is not the printer, it is not your settings, IT IS THE PAPER. good deal or not do not use royal unless you want a lot of hassles. i know several mp1600 users who have had this problem and all have solved it by switching to some other pro series paper with a higher silver content.

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