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Weekly Setup and dark prints


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Hi everyone!! I'm new to the board and glad to find it. I have a QSS3001 and for the last few weeks when I do the weekly setup the blue line has been dipping out of range on the bottom of the input side of the chart. Also prints have been a little dark lately, the last 2 monthly setups I've done i have not been able to see any difference in the inside and outside box during the monitor brightness adjustment and my brightness is all the way up, is my monitor going bad and could this also be way the prints are so dark lately? Also I think I read somewhere that the 18th stripe on the daily setup should read around 2.50, my is right at 3.00, is it time for a new calibration plate and could that be part of the dark print problem? Thank in advance for any help.

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Firstly the monthly setup problem, if your monitor is an Eizo CRT type hit the mode button and make sure is set to text also check the colour temp is 6500. If it was not on text do the monthly set up again.

If it is a Totoku monitor it is likely to be worn out by now, and will need to be replaced.

Check that your paper chemistry is online by running and reading a control strip.

2.50 is the kind of figure I would expect for the 18th step. 3.00 is rather high.

First try cleaning the black patch on the calibration plate with a very soft cloth moistened in water. Check that the colorimeter head is fitted properly and that nothing is underneath the head like the rubber hood or the cable etc.

If it still reads high replace the calibration plate.

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Thanks for the quick reply. My monitor is a ViewSonic (so I'm guessing it's not the original monitor, I bought the printer used last year), it looks pretty worn anyways so I'll probably just replace it. I've cleaned the calibration plate several time, to no avail, so I'll probably just replace it also.

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How do you go about replacing the calibration plate ?  Approximate costs, tasks involved ?

Our issue on weekly setup is the blue for our 11" paper goes vertical (from the bottom left corner) for a bit, then comes back between the green lines, and the red is starting to do this as well.  Chemistry issue ?  What would cause it and what would need to be changed to "fix" it ?

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Hi there - with regards to your dark print problem - has this happened 'overnight' or has it been that your prints have got darker and darker?

Also - has someone accidently read a daily set up wrong (ie put in in the wrong way round and registered the values just out of habbit?

Also - is there any chance that the chemistry has been mixed wrong?

Do you back up your data onto floppy? If you do it may be a good idea to back your data up on a SPARE floppy and then write data from your last known good back up - just see if that makes a difference.

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Hi, there

I have a good experience regarding the problem you have.

I am an Ex-Kodak employee ( Technician) in Portugal and we were doing the Service and Support on Noritsu Equipments until closed doors last year. I have my own business on Service and Support Noritsu,Kodak Kiosks.

The problem you mentioned is related to Chemical Problems.

When you carry out the Weekly set-up and the RGB Lines are out of the Tolerance Lines (Out dotted Lines) please DO NOT REGISTER the reading .because this will interfere with High Density Areas (Black) or on the top of the Graph will affect Low Density Areas (White).

If the white areas are affected you will get all the WHITE WITH A SPLASH. PLEASE CHECH YOU CHEMISTRY.

Also check your Densitometer, you have to remove it ,clean the rubber roller and the sensors. It is very important that the reading of the all 18 Steps will be read correctly.

There is a Mode to calibrate correctly the Stop Position of the paper in the Densitometer.

Is also very importante to check the Spring under the Colorimeter if is Pushing against the Paper.

I hope this will help

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As has been said already

Clean the colourimeter

The patch has a slightly dimpled surface that may look clean, use a moist cotton bud in circular movement to clean the crud. It may look clean but most of it will be finger grease.

Check that the surface is not scratched if the head is mounted to low it will scuff the patch surface and miss read.

The patch should be replaced every 2 or 3 years.

Check the rollers are clean and the stop position as the setup prints go through. there is an adjustment in service mode.

Get into the habit of looking at your daily setup readings. The last step of 3.00 is very high for a 30 but it depends on the paper and chemistry combo, you may get 3.00 on Supra but nearer 2.4 2.5 for Royal some papers struggle to get over 2.00

Check the first and the last one as its a good guide to chemistry activity, if the print has slipped and the last one is abnormal dont press yes to the correction. Same goes for the colour and density, if the correction is dark, magenta etc and the print looks OK dont press yes. it could take 3 hits to bring it back

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