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Ez software issues


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I have a 3502 plus using noritsus latest EZ software

there are a couple of issues,

When you load a memory card to be printed and burnt to cd, it gives the files new file names on the cd, but it gives you an index for the original file names that were on the memory card. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the cd burnt with original filenames. Otherwise the index print filenames are irrelevant.

2nd issue, we find the lab prints everything slightly too dark and we have to correct all work by -1 density, is there a setting where we can make a global density change for the lab to use on all jobs. We have found global settings for saturation, contrast.... everything but density!!

I have asked Noritsu both these questions with little success, any help would be appreciated, thanks

If anyone else is using EZ software, please PM me.

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2nd Issue

Retired has the right idea, thats how you did it on an optical 1201 machine,  but you can not adjust your aims easily

If its film thats scanned you can put corrections in scanner master or individual film types or sizes

But if its digital files and it is everything, the easiest way is to put the correction in Magazine (Paper) balance. You will have to put the same correction in all papers used or you will get a difference between print sizes

If its only certain work then set up a special channel and take it out of the channel eg Fred's Studio -2y -1D

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