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qss 2611 vfp print help need


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Dear forum members...I Install the windowsXP, service pack 2, after the Adaptec AHA-2940UW driver 4.71 version for XP, and checked it by aspichk, everything shows normal, after i install the EZ-mall 2.1 1CD, after 2nd CD, I put the VFP 290dpi, because my minilab have VFP8...From device manager i check, have GENERIC PRINTER, and on detail view show NORITSU, but after print something come out COMMUNICATION ERROR 02:06.

Do you know why? Can anybody explain me the situation? Why come out communication error? I checked from minilab 2611, selected AUX2 channel..

What else i need to do? If XP doesnt support, can i use WIN2000, or windows Vista? Which one is easy to connect, or without problems i can connect?

What part i did wrong?

Thank you in advance!

Please help if can!

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your problem is the o/s. XP doesn't support ezmall. the latest operating system that will support it is win2000, but as win2000 had problems of its own (but with service packs is now quite stable) you may find win '98 easier to use. Vista is a no-no. If you HAVE to use an o/s more up to date, you will need the help of a very clever software developer, but will have to 'degrade' the o/s to enable it. Why go to the trouble and expense? use '98.

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