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mlva lamp life


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Dose any body have information about lamp life in 2901

What point is important on lamp life

Is that true action turn off lamp while not in use (is not print )

Are there any advices on 2901 lamp to replace with other kind of light sources like LED

Or with cheaper lamp?

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We've been told it's about 800 hours (it's also in the user manuals).  You can "time" it by looking at the hours counter near the main breaker switch.

We normally just wait until we start getting print fluctuations requiring decreasing the density until we replace the lamp. (usually around every 6 months.... I know it's not recommended to wait this long).

Search for "2901 lamp" on this board and you'll find other recommendations, but this has worked for us.

The lamp never turns off as it needs about 30 minutes to "warm up" to proper light intensity.  you should wait a similar amount of time after changing it before doing the MLVA lamp change

We couldn't find an alternate lamp as these are OEM'd for Noritsu by Phillips, and not available anywhere else.

If you can find a good alternate lamp we'd be interested.


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Color me stupid but I run em till they burn out, explode (yes 3 have) or don't make enough light to balance. I mean what the hell.... get the most out of it. I make a back up disk the day of a bulb change and keep it if the density goes way off. Most bulbs burn out before they lose enough density to cause problems with running a Lamp Change.

Been playing that game since a 1701.  ;)  

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I dont run a retail lab anymore so my machine is ONLY on if it is making prints. But if I was still in retail you bet you bottom dollar I would install a lamp switch. It would be a zero wave solid state relay to ease filament damage from lamp start up. Think about how many minutes in a day your machine DOESN'T make prints...... lamp life is all about on time... if it's on and not making prints......

Food for thought. ;)

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If I counted the number of times I had to turn the machine BACK on to get a print I missed........

I dont let my lamp EVER warm up past the time it takes to warm up the chemicals. So for example.... I first start the machine.... sure it takes 20-30 minutes to get hot. But lets say I turn off the machine and 30 minutes later the FTP tells me "You've got mail".  I will fire the machine back up and as fast as it reports chemical up to temp I print! And that would only be a 2 or 3 minute warm up. I have also printed stuff I did in the last warm up session to verify that it still looks the same. I have NEVER had a problem operating BOTH a 2301 and an mp1600 this way.

I also turn of the MP1600 AT THE BREAKER when  it's off. There is ON reason except to wear out components (or operate the self timer) to leave this machine under power 24/7.

As to the relay..... tell me what machine you want to do that to and if it is AC or DC voltage at the lamp. And I will advise exactly what to do.

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