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scanner for 2901


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Hi experts!

I m having a problem of uniformity in QSS2901 with version H002. I'd trying to calibrate the uniformity with the callibrator but on reaching 99% it gave me an error. I dont have matching flatbed scanner (UMAX 4400 or Epson 9700F). my question is how I can do the uniformity callibration with another scanner or what other scanner I can use for the uniformity? my pc is PC-NRT-5A. what is the best and easiest way to do uniformity callibration.

In one of my other 2901, I m getting a white fogged line (Not straight and shrap) in the centre print though sides prints are perfact. I cleaned MLVA head, pressure guides even, I'dchanged the PC to check if it is uniformity but line is still there on the print which comes trough the center,

A professional reply will be highly appreciated.

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