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Good evening

I worked(Kodak) and lived in South-Africa  and for the passed 18 years Iam living in Portugal and worked in Kodak until last year they closed down.Here I was involved in S.S. on Noritsu Mini-LAbs as well Kodak Kiosk and I have just join the FORUM

I have a problem on a QSS 29DLS.The Mlva Printing Lamp doesn´t Light

I have swopped the lamp but the lamp still didn´t light up.

I have carried out the following:

-- Measuredthe voltage on the lamp plug J/P 470 and the voltage is 29,3volts

-- On the Printer Control Pcb J/P 107 between pin 1--3-----+15volts

                                                    between pin 3-4------  -15volts

                                                    between pin 2-3-----  +5volts

This pin 2 is called --BURN OUT and I think this pin should be around -- 0volts for the lamp to light up, but I don´t know if tis signal is from PRINTER CONTROL PCB to CURRENT DETECTION PCB or other way around.

Can someone help???

Thank you

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I take it you have tested with a new lamp?

If you have a measurement of 29.3V on JP/470 the lamp should be on!

Did you do the measurement with the lamp still connected?

The most likely problem is the MLVA lamp power supply (PS3) is not supplying the voltage under load. Check that you have 200-240V going into the MLVA PSU on the L & N terminals. If you do, connect the lamp briefly to the +29V & GND output on the MLVA PSU, if it lights up the PSU is ok, if it does not the PSU/ lamp is faulty.

Check that the MLVA filter wheel is spinning, if it is not the lamp will not come on.

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I would say that the pin2 (Burn out) detection signal comes from the current detection PCB.

All this signal does is tell the machine if the lamp is on or not.

If the relay X14 is on and the lamp is not, it will give you the MLVA lamp has burned out message.

The machine controls the actual lamp on/off status via relay X14.

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