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zig zagging of prints MP-1600


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Something got lost in translation with Japanese on "zig zagging" Anyway my machine has ALWAYS tilted the prints to the left. I can adjust the arms from one side of the planet to the other and it doesn't make ANY difference AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! For all paper sizes too.

The only thing I can deduce it that the head assembly is not in level plane with the arm delivery by more that the arm adjustments possible. OR the arms are not stopping in the right place in relationship to the advance unit.

Any Noritsu techs care to chime in and give me some ideas to run with.

What I have done so far........ Zeroed the arm adjustments per mag and position. leveled the arms to each other made all 3 grippers in each arm apply exactly the same pressure and I have adjusted the levelers on the machine to adjust the arm CENTER plain over the advance unit. So I guess the only thing left islevel the advance unit to the arms or arms to the advance unit.

I'm considering this a personal challenge to make OS_OFF containers track perfect in my machine. AND bet you bottom dollar I will make it happen on way or another. 8)  Gosh it sucks to have to much time on your hands. LOL

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Are the prints actually entering into the arms straight to start with (double track mode)?

Or are the prints twisting as they enter into the exposure advance unit?

If the print is twisted going into the arm, then the height of magazine mounts needs to be adjusted to correct this.

I think that the rubber bushes that the exposure advance unit are mounted on can start to sag with age causing the advance unit to be out of square to the loading unit/arm unit.

Basically the prints twisted when the machine was brand new, so good luck at correcting it now it's getting into old age! Not much you can do with a bad design really!

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Have a look at section 2554-01 through to 2554-04 in the service manual.

You'll need plenty of time on your hands to sort out the zig zagging!

There are brass adjusting screws that can adjust the height of the exposure unit.

Make sure you take height measurements before you adjust anything so you can put it back to how it was should it make matters worse!

Good luck!

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