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2301 error no. 511 lane selection


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Hi all:

Can someone please help me with error no. 511 lane selection operation error? I get frequent paper jams in exposure unit 3 and the paper always gets stuck crooked and not horizontal.

I also noticed that the lane selection deck makes a strange humming noise and does not seem to be moving freely. Disassembled it and cleaned all the parts, but error persists. Could it be the driver motor or maybe a fuse??

I am able to print on 11" paper but not on 5" paper

Thanks a lot.


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Hi sdargatz

you can check the following:

1. lane select driver pcb ( there are 4 green driver pcbs at the left side of exposure deck , it is the one top right)

2. check exposure deck pcb ( it is at the left side of the 4 pcbs)

3. check sensors at paper advance unit 3 ( check alignment of both led and reciever)

with my best wishes

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