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Help QSS 2901 head

Noritsu Libya

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Plz I need help for my QSS 2901, where today while the machine was printing regular printed pictures its suddenly being print a brown line  in the middle of the picture over the printed photo as mask, I've tried to clean the head by air bower, make uniformity, head clean from machine. but with no success.

My technician guessed that the head is damaged, and It have to be replaced. but I hope that he wrong. Please I need your help :o

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Is it on all papers?

Have you tried to power it off then back on?

You can also go into service mode and Initilize MLVA data (dont remember where, but there is a option to initialize all or just single data), then rebuild it, but then you'll need to setup all papers again, takes a while, but solves some problems.

Worth to try before chaning the head... bye bye $$$$$

Another thing to check (dont think its the problem here thought) is the MLVA Uniformity reader/sensor, its on the MLVA brush holder, you can see it and clean it with some compressed air when the MLVA Brush is in cleaning position.

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Try initializing uniformity not the whole MLVA setup. Then rerun JUST uniformity. I have had the uniformity file go corrupt and was ONLY fixed by initializing uniformity. MLVA setup calibrator uniformity and flatbed all did NOT fix it till I trashed the original file with the initialize command.

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