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NORITSU 3001: How to print 4x6 on 6 inch paper


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Hi all! I've had some problems on my 3001 machine (Arcnet communication and laser I/O board). I am now glad to say that with help from minilabhel community, I managed to replace both PCB and laser I/O boards and now the machine is fully working.

But I realised that, similarly to its older sister 2611, it has a minimum paper advance length  of 4.6" and it cannot print 4x6 on a 6" paper. This is the most popular paper and cheaply available here in Uganda where my lab is. inch paper is expensive and rare to get here. I used to have a 2611 and it was the same case but my technician was able to set it to print 2 photos 4x6 on one 6x8 sheet and then we cut manually to have 2 photos of 4x6 each. It was cheaper that way.

Would anyone please know if and how this can be done on the 3001?

Thanks for your help.


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Not possible I think

The minimum paper feed is 117mm so 102 mm is to small

You can increase the paper feed and have white edge to cut off (small amount) or fit the paper and loose some image off the ends

The rollers on the racks are wider and they want you to use 4 inch paper to get the benefit of 2 lane processing. Its faster that way.

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Hi Colopt and all of you who contributed to this topic. Yes I think it is possible to do 2 copies 6x4 on one sheet 6x8 but how do we set  it? Our technicians here in Uganda do not know much about this machine. You can imagine it is the first and only 3001 in the whole country!

Please keep putting in your ideas, I am so so grateful!!


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It is not possible to print 4X6 on a 6" paper in QSS 30 series machines. not even two frames on a single sheet to cut later like QSS 26 series.

By the way where in uganda. I am coming to kampala in two three days.

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