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daily setup issue mp1600


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im currently using mp1600 standalone. i havent touched the uniformity for a while but i had to change my lamp so i tried to do the daily setup but its keep giving me an error while scanning the prints saying " scanning data error - check for spills of print". i have tried everything i can possibly do(use different computer, reprint the spills , reposition the spills, reset and clean the scanner, changed to another brand new lamp, i also checked the scanned image itself under the folder UNI and its has scanned and the scanner itself works without any problems.   ive been trying all different kinds of stuff for last 3days. nothing has worked. does anyone have any kinds of idea what can be done?  please leave me a msg or email me at - sunphotoshop@hotmail.com

thanx guys

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I had posted about 4 inch not doing uniformity even though I had used the same size and batch for years. I finally used 5 inch and I had to do it like 4 times to get it to correct the problem that 50 or 60 tries with 4 inch had messed up. You can use any width paper for uniformity as long as it's the same paper type as the setup paper.

Search for my reply post called "solving uniformity 101" before you call Noritsu.

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