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chemical problem

Steven Deverill

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Has anyone had problems with print emulsion going yellow about half an hour after being processed. have tried to change part of the bleach (twice) as I'm not convinced that the bleach is fixing correctly.

i'm running a 3202 with J spec (tablet chemicals)

I just need reassuring that bleach is the most likely problem before wasting time dropping the tank and starting again.

Many thanks.


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Hi Steven.. are you running control strips?

If your prints are going yellow, it could be the bleach, and silver retention, but could also be a dev problem (unlikely) Could even be your atcual paper..

But the first thing that I would do, would be to get a control stip through your system.

Are you running these on a regular basis?

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I would take the opportunity to drop the stabiliser and replace anyway. You may find it isn't replenishing (pump blocked, etc) and gone stale. Stabiliser is so cheap and it would be good to do before you get busy in December. A weak stabiliser means the bleach could be continuing to work - leading to the prints yellowing.

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I'm not an avid user of control strips I have to admit. maybe they would have shown the deterioration of the bleach. I have had constant issues with the bleach repping system jamming. so I'm thinking that although the right amount of tablets have gone into the tank, they haven't necessarily been going in at the time required. that is not to say its ever been more than 4 tablets out as the lab stops working altogether at this point.

I hear your point of dropping the stab at the same time, although I have a lot of school work to print in the next couple of weeks so don't want to end up cleaning prints.

Just one other point, the yellowing is only really noticeable on Fuji paper and not so much on Royal! strange but true

thanks for the advice

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Tablet  chemistry can be variable. It drops a concentrated tablet of chemistry direct into the tank followed by an amount of water and it fizzes till its dissolved. The chemistry tends to be very active then slowly drops again till the next tablet drops in. Some pro papers dont work very well like Endura and Supra. Its very important to clean your chutes on a regular basis. "Every-night" If the tablets dont go in it can screw it up very quickly. Clean the drum of any residue as the dust absorbs water and turns very sticky very quickly and can stop the drum turning.

They take to bits very easily once you know how and are all Teflon lined to help keep them clean.

The last point is to check the cartridge when you put a new one on. If the tablets are broken or its full of bits, they have been shook up in transit and it could jam and not drop properly. Like any chemistry it has a few basics that should be followed if so, they work OK.

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