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Recovery CD for 3011


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Every new system comes with a recovery CD. They are like rocking horse doo doo to get hold of as every time they upgrade the PC mother board or other main components they issue another one. The PC will have a code number PCNRT#### as long as you can find someone with the same model you can copy it ( Bad boy) At the end of the day it Partitions your HD and reloads windows and all the correct drivers, the 3011 is further complicated as the HD are Scsi on some and IDE on others. You can load windows the hard way but you will have to find the correct drives and change a few registry entry's to get it to run. Also you may need the newer service pack 3 or 4. As the recovery will take you back to day one, service packs are often added as the software is updated.

The profile disk contains all the profiles for the different paper/ chemistry combinations?monitor/FB scanner. If you have not changed your paper and an old version of the profile has your paper on then not really a problem.

The profile disk is required along with the system software and any optional software that needs to be loaded.

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