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Replen pump BF-A Error


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Hi there,

We are getting  a replenishment pump error  542? - 002 ?....not exactly positive of the number, I'm not at the shop.

Anyway, it's replen pump BF-A. We unhooked all the lines. cleaned them out with scalding water, cleaned the popit valves in the pump, cleaned the screen in the line, cleaned out the top and bottom probes for the P-2 pack. The pump does pump bleach up to the tank, we ran 7 or eight tests. But, this error still keeps coming up and stops our printer. Sometimes it will print 80 or more prints, sometimes the error will stop us after 15 prints. Could this be a sensor error??? Noritsu wants to sell us a new pump. The bellows works on the exhisting pump, but we don't know if it's pumpimg enough. It seems to pump quite a bit more than the BF-B. Is there a way to check the sensors, or should we get the new pump from Noritsu?



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Hi infocus,

I rarely service Noritsu machine but usually there is Micro Switch on the pump. This is only way that machine know if the pump is working (rotating) or not.

Try to check that micro switch or replace it with one on the other pump and check if you will get same alarm but on different pump, also first check the wiring on that Micro Switch.

I hope that I helped ;-)

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Hi Brad,

The SM replenisher pumps have a rotation sensor on them. As the pump seems to be pumping ok, it is probably a problem with the pump rotation sensor. If I remember correctly it is an optical slot type sensor.

It may just be the sensor is covered in dust so is not reliably detecting the flag.

If you unclip the pump from the machine and remove the red back cover from the pump you should be able to see the sensor. Also check the wiring, it has been known for the connector contacts to go green with corrosion.

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