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Dead fan


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We have a dead fan...It's behind the CPU, lower left as shown in the pic. Would anybody know the part number for this fan, or know where we could get an aftermarket one? For now we are leaving the cover off the side to help the cooling, but are afraid we might fry a board. Any ideas how to keep the machine cool until we get a replacement fan?

Thanks,    Brad

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If you remove the fan and remove the screen , there is usually a sticker somewhere that will tell you the voltage and amperage of the fan. That with some careful measuring should give you all that you need for

a general purpose replacement.  The following is a link to a place in Vancouver, BC that has supplied me with fans in the past :  http://www.mainelectronics.com/Fans.htm  They are a heck of a lot cheaper than buying

a replacement from Noritsu. I have used their fans in Noritsu's, Kreonite's and Fuji machines.  If you have a choice, always go for a ball bearing fan as they will last longer.

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These fans are always failing! If they are the Panaflo type, they will fail sooner or later. Apparently there is some kind of problem with the internal fan components corroding over time.

The Noritsu part number for the fan is W411339-01.

The spec is 119mm 38mm depth, 24V DC 0.21A, 97.0 CFM

The actual fan Noritsu now use is type Mineba 4715KL-05W-B20

Pretty much any fan with a similar spec will do.

Spec sheet attached

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Tried for 2 weeks to get in touch with Digikey and got no answers

These guys at  http://www.americaii.com  had the "Mineba 4715KL-05W-B20" fan and got in touch with me in under 24 hours.

Ordered 10 for $10 USD each !  Just wanted to have a few spares since I had 3 fans go out on me in under 1 month on my 2901.


I place an online order and stuff shows up in 2 days.  ????

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