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dead IBM power supply


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I'm trying to stripe the archive U: drive, I made it dynamic, but I can't find a stripe option.   Does it need to be striped?  I couldn' get the raid server to work, so I put U: on ID 12 on the 2940 with the other 3 scsi drives and the CD.   I keep getting a "lifetime manager" error.  I swapped a  U:from my other IPW and that works.   Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help, Retired.


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To date I have not put my archive unit in service for the second time. The lifetime order error is the fact that the Archive is not operational. As I remember the first time...... I used the on board scsi channel for my archive. It certainly doesn't need to be on the IBM board. Just make a drive (not striped) called u: with the label: Archive  and run the enhanced services disk. It should be fine. I don't really feel like I need an archive unit anymore so I have not bothered to do it myself.

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