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Hello to you all minilabhelp community members!

Please anyone who can help do so for the following: My Qss3001 has been showing error 6901-0008: ARCNET COMMUNICATION ERROR. We have tried all the remedies as per various posts on this site without success. But suddenly we saw one burnt out IC on the big board fixed on top of the laser unit. That board has Part Number as J390641-02, and the burnt out IC is on position 401 with numberr on it as follow: HRND12R35  2702.  Upon seeing it, we suspected it was the cause of error and wanted to replace it. Are we right in thinking so?

a) Would any one with more knowledge help me to know whether we have to replace the whole board or just replace the single burnt out IC?

B) Would anyone help me where to source either of the components (board or IC)?

c) I also need to reistall the whole sytem software and not sure of which could be suitable and up to date. Please help.

Thanks for your support.



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The J390641-00 is the laser I/O board I would not expect damage on this board to cause the error you have. It will mean the laser unit won’t work, maybe you will get laser temp being adjusted message continually.

The 6901-0008 ARCNET error indicates no ARCNET (fibre optic) communication with the processor control board.

It is very rare for components on circuit boards to just blow for no reason, common causes are liquid spillage, pinched/ damaged wiring, power surge etc.

It is possible you have had some kind of power surge which may have caused damage to other circuit boards as well, which may not be visible.

Check all the voltage test points on the processor control PCB (J390592-00).

About all you can do is check all the voltages on each board are correct, and work through each error one at a time. Without having circuit boards on hand to swap I think it will be very difficult to fix this machine.

I have a feeling there is a lot more wrong with this machine than first meets the eye!

Do you know the history of this machine, or have you just bought it?

Why do you need to re-install the system software?

Latest software is around K version, with profile data 7.0#

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The HRND12R35 chip generates a -12V supply voltage for driving the AOM signal processors. The voltage is output on pin 7(-12V) & Pin 6 (GND) on J/P 129,130 & 131.

So possibly a wire has been trapped and damaged and has shorted to chassis or one of the AOM signal processors has an internal fault that is shorting out the -12V supply.

I would not replace either the board or the chip until you are sure there are no problems with the wiring or any of the AOM signal processors, otherwise it will just blow again!

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Hi! I am very grateful for your contribution. In reply to your questions about the machine, I really do not much about it. I bought it from a member from N.Ireland who had advertised it on this website and had said it was workind though he had decommissioned it due to acquiring a 32 series. I did not receive any software cd except win 2000 sp3 and a back up data floppy Disc with 5 manuals. I took it to Uganda to upgrade my Lab business there. At first installation attempt, the machine run up opening QSS software and then hanged halfway. This being the first only 3001 in the country, we could not get anywhere to borrow or get the copy of the software. But the technician managed to reboot it next day with a code obtained from an assistant on the net. Then the machine started to bring errors including continuous LASER TEMP. BEING ADJUSTED, but later went and we thought it was over. It also showed some other errors related to the scanner unit. At time it could go up to asking to insert the negative be never accepted it a single time. It would bring message that PLEASE WAIT... and the goes back. We tried to send a print from the potos on the HD and it would not expose and when cancelled, the paper would continue its way and come out white (blank).

Another point to tell you here is that, after checking the chip (HRND12R35), we found it just damaged NOT blown. It is just because it is black and we thought it had blown due to power but it aws not.

The error log shows the machine had no error up to may 2008 and that is the time the seller decommissioned it. Would I be right to think that the problems developped durind transportation (in a truck from NI to London and by air to Uganda)?

Is there anywhere we can buy that chip?

I have contacted some dealers and they told me they can sell the board for around 450 US dollars and I find it fair. Would you advise me to buy the Processor Cotrol Boerd (J390592-00) also so that I can see if it will clear the arcnet problem?

Again, thak you very much for your support.

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