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Qss2901 scanner errors


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1 week ago I was doing reprints and the printer gave a error of film reamaing, I clean the mask multiple times and reset the breaker and it finaly went away. 3 days later I get a error 6310-0074(scanner area registration error) when trying to update light source and a 6412-0005 (135 DX sensor 1 error) when trying to adjust light intensity. If I run a neg throgh, it will come up as solid grey  untill yesterday if I shut it down and threw the breaker when it came back up I was able to run negatives . There is a new lamp installed.

Thanks for any help

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We have had similar problems with our 2901 (now 6+ years old).

DX Sensor 1 and Remove the 135 neg, and scanner area reg error, but we did run the machine 4-5 months with these errors we got rid of them by: change to APS, remove neg carrier, clear error messages, reattach neg carrier, change to 135 and NOT running light source update/dx auto (we did run it a couple times each day so it would get to check the light) and then suddely 3 weeks ago the neg carrier stopped feeding film, we got to borrow another carrier until our new Fuji lab arrives mid nov.

But even with the new carrier it still happens that negs comes out grey, but only if we turn lab off and on, if we let it go on timer this never happens. To fix it we have to turn it off/on a couple of times.

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Thanks for the response, since I posted we had noritsu come out seems I lost a sensor in the mask and the scanner has went bad also. I chose not to replace the scanner and mask due to cost $8,000 for scanner and $2,000 for mask trade in. With how much film I do these days I will never pay it off so I added a used SONY UY-S77 film scanner for $400.00 it is a much cheaper alternative just wish it had digital ice. I do hope eventually to find someone scraping a 2901 with a good scanner.

Thanks again

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