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Back Printer Fading


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We have a QSS 3001 & the back printing was getting faint so I changed the Back Printer Ribbon for a new one. The first Backprint was darker, but not as it should be. Then as the print run went on it got lighter & lighter until it disappeared completely! So I removed & refitted it - same again & then again., so I refitted the original which was understandable lighter, but the the same happened with this one also. What am I doing wrong???


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Things to check :

1) Ink ribbon should be original one from Noritsu. OEM ribbon quality is hard to tell.

2) Make sure the ribbon motor moves while printing, and not always hitting on same spot of ribbon.

3) Check paper processor crossover squeeze rollers. those touching paper back should have grooves on them, to avoid wiping off the backprint text away after printing. With machine age, those

grooved squeeze rollers may become thinner in diameter or roller surfaces become totally flat. Replace those rollers with grooves (refer to parts list) if necessary.

That's all in my mind and good luck !

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