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smoking mp-1600


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Well, I had a tank overflow with water onto the floor and, while vacuuming it up, there was a spark and smoke from the mp-1600 near the power line connector.  There are three fuses(FL4, FL5, FL6) on the Main Relay PCB that are blown.  All three are soldered to the BCB and the schematic says "CAN NOT REPLACE THE FUSES (FL-FL8.FU,FV)".  The PCB (J306166) costa about $850 and I don't want to blow a replacement if there is something else causing the fuses to blow.

Any suggestions?



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These fuses are for surge protection, the idea being the fuse blows and not the board!

They should not however stop the machine from running if they are blown.

I would remove the board, and check none of the tracks have been damaged.

It really depends on exactly where the water entered into the machine, as to what damage has been caused.

It's possible the water got splashed onto the breaker switch, this would most likely blow FL5 & FL6. Check the breaker switch is ok before fitting another board!

It may interest you to know that the same relay PCB (J306166) is also used on a QSS-2301, I suspect there are loads of these around the world!

So have a good chance of getting one second hand.

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   You are right on....fried two foil paths on the board.  I also found that the return on the 220v ac line was not grounded to the mp-1600 chassis (thanks Doug the installer).  Do you think the board is repairable(I can fix the foil) or should I look for a replacement PCB?



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