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problem with Dls kodak on 2921


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I use 2921 noritsu with Dls software ver 3/0 but it is so heavy and slow when loading pictures (capture it ) actually I use pc with 1G ram and 3000 cpu (P4) but for loading about 20 picture for print you should wait at least 4-5 minute and also you are not able to zoom in or zoom out a picture this cause many problem for me any suggestion is highly appreciated

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I use a 2.8 ghz DUAL with 2.5 gigs of ram and 320 ultrawide scsi drives and I only wait 2-4 minutes for 100 20.8 megabite jpg files. It will take MUCH longer to do tif files. Either rethink the front end computer (ie dual processors and MORE ram) or get a photoshop machine to reduce files sizes before printing.

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