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3202 PRO - Balance Problem


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I have a 3202 PRO, everything has been working well, until this week. I am experiencing a problem with daily set-up and emulsion changes. When I feed the test print into the scanner, it says the measurement failed, and usually have to try 2, 3 or even 4 times to go through. Then when it finally does go through it with tell me that balance is out of the allowable range. Then 2 or 3 more attempts to get it in within range? I can tell from comparing test print to old ones that the balance is not that far off? I have cleaned the calibration plate. But maybe I need to clean the scanner itself? Any help would be much appreciated.

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At a guess I would say either the calibration plate is worn out or damaged. Or the colorimeter head itself is faulty.

It uses the same colorimeter head as on the 29-31 series machines.

It could be something mechanical like the calibration plate not moving into position properly during calibration, or the pressure solenoid not operating. You can check the pressure solenoid in output check mode.

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It also happen on my machine before. But that my fault. Because i not calibrate the machine more than 3 day. after more than 3 day you not calibrate then it happen. another time is the paper setup is wrong. you have to make sure what type of paper you calibrate on. in the setup they have some of them similar name. but it wrong. make sure for that.

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