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New Noritsu S/Ware for QSS 35 & 37series released.


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Updates to QSS 35 &  37's software  are now  available.  

Profile                           Ver. N 1.31   to N 2.00       R504742-01-00

EZ Controller  + Twain     Ver. 2.40      to 3.00          R504737-00-00

QSS Printer - Program     Ver 6.01       to 7.00          R504738-01-00

Release date was June 2008 I believe, this also included a new version of the Service Manual.

There are a couple of "additions to functionality" as Noritsu likes to express it. Changes address specific issues relating to some non-linearity of the profile for irregularities in the color management and gradation, where shadows or hi-lights may assume a color shift or cast.

Functions include features for Automatic Contrast, Digital Image Auto Correction (camera)and  Image Quality Preferences Type 1 and 2 options. There is an internal  pdf re: Artificial Light and Tungsten illumination, however I don't have the Noritsu ref/No for this document.

Contact your local Support Office.

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