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2611 monitor problem


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Has your machine been unexpectedly turned off? i.e. power failure?

My old 2611 would do this if turned off improperly, probably something to do with not being able to save data properly I expect, like dave said.

I found re-booting (sometimes several re-boots!) got everything back to normal.

That would be powering down, turning off m/c breaker, turning off supply breaker, leave 5/10 mins, then turning everything back on. Worth a try.

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Dave: The prints look normal. I just have a crazy image on my monitor and I can't use it to judge the image. I haven't made any index prints. Would that tell me anything? Actually, I've just purchased the machine. I took the index printer out because a dialog said for me to do so. Should i put it back in? I've owned a 2211 for a while so I'm pretty familiar with the 2611.

Photographis: I just set this machine up. So there's no telling how it was shut down by the previous owner. I'll try your suggestions. What's the m/c breaker by the way? I've powered down via the switch under the dryer.

Is there a way of reinstalling the software, and might that help? Also, my software version is 015 and there is a version 019. Should I upgrade to this version?

Thanks a lot you guys.


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I have the same problem on 2611

It is either the MONITOR cable connected to the card

or it is the monitor display card problem.

Unlikely it is the software or scanner if the print is ok.

It is just that you cannot judge and do color correction.

Try the cable - maybe loose.


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I do not know the root cause of this problem, but it seems prevelant, and some input from a Noritsu engineer would be helpfull.

The last time it happened to me, I checked and double checked all connections and cables, went so far as to strip the top off the exposure deck, but could find nothing amiss apart from some fraying on the leads to the zoom lens (which should have had nothing to do with the problem).

After the 2nd. successive re-boot the annoying 'trippy' colours started to fade, on the fourth it was back to normal. I found with a propper shut-down this problem did not occur, only on power out-age or 'Father fiddling' (impropper shutdown) did this occur.

This suggests to me that it is something to do with the settings not being saved/initialised properly, but I don't know.

If you received 'backup' discs (not software) with the machine, it may be worth checking them to see how old they are and seeing if that will help.

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rodtitanphoto I'm also electronician does the color fade away or do you have a ghost image on the screen

if the former thus your scanner is either dirty or is at the end of life time need to bee changed.

if the second you've got what we call image pcb transfer problem on qss2301 so you must upgrade the system softwares from

1A to 1C if still no result since the image conversion system is on the main control CPU pcb I'll be sorry to tell you've got to change this board.

good luck.

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