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2211 Error Message


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Check that the setup filter is not damaged. It should have 2 parts to it. The first part is a glass filter, the second part is a tin plate with holes in it.

Check that the reflector you have fitted is the same part number as the old one, as there are 2 types, the other type is for the 2611 series which is slightly different optically.

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Dumb question here! I supose you've checked whether the set-up filter is actually swinging all the way across when you turn the knob to it's full travel or returning to the home position when fully retracted. Mechanically the paddle tends to "fall off the perch" after many years of use......

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The light source is out of limits error can sometimes be because the difference in the light change is too great to do in one go. This can happen if the old reflector was really badly worn.

What you can try to do is reduce the amount of light going to the scanner, may be fit the old bulb back in again, and try the daily setup again.

Failing that partially block the top of the diffuser, to effectively reduce the light.

Once it has accepted it (if it accepts it) you can put a new lamp in and try again.

Also check the dichroic filters are all sliding in and out smoothly, sometimes they become stiff to move so cause the problem.

And make sure the lamp is in the centre of the reflector.

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