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White border, why?


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When wer print by us 3300 photo is some 1 mm on side. This is if we print white border one long side is 1 mm wider.

Also in some cases when phot is thiht fit so we have some whit in long side ewen wen we dint print white bordes. (0,5-1 mm)

So can laser be adjusted, or is this mecanical so paper is one mm to near back side. We have been thinking that

papermagasines move litle by litle so adjust is mecanical.

Eny ideas???

Rowe :o

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If it's only happening on one magazine, possibly the guides inside the magazine are out of alignment.

If it is happening on every magazine, it may be the magazine is not sliding in fully; there is 1 pin at the front and one pin at the back that the magazine locates onto.

Make sure the arm unit is moving nice and smoothly.

Adjustment is normally done via the exposure centre correction, which is located in Extension, Maintenance, Various Adjustments, Printer Mechanical Adjustment.

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