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Cleaning Racks


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Were having problems with really dirty racks at the moment. All i can describe it as is beige grease that has started to accumulate. Although my boss says hes cleaned them, they're obviously filthy. Has anyone got any advice on what to use to get it off? I don't want to damage the parts obviously or affect the chemicals, but all our studio work is coming off disgusting. Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Sam

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we've got one of 3200 series. Im unsure of state of filters as usually is managers responsibility. However, hes away hence why i discovered the issue. If the filters were replaced and the chemistry resolved (have had issues in past with STB resulting in use of algaeclear to remedy) how would we remove the residue on rollers?

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so is it alright to use pretty much anything that gets it off? Was worried just any old acid might damage the rollers and make situation worse. fairy was a suggestion of one of the saturday staff!

Since some Chemicals in photofinishing are Corrosive..... Rack parts are made of stuff that doesn't corrode.  ;)

So you can pretty much use anything short of 18 molar hydrochloric acid and you should be just fine. JUST REMEMBER to WASH ALL OF IT OFF what ever you use.

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I use a proprietary tar & rack cleaner which works very well, I dilute it quite a bit before using it though, and it is a bit harsh on the nose. Use in a well ventilated area!

I have also tried a window cleaner  (windex), because it was all I had. It seemed to work O.K. also.

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if my memory is correct there is a proprietary tar & rack cleaner available with lab suppliers.

check this link..


fuji hunt also having proprietary tar & rack cleaner called  " Processor tank cleaner "2x20 Litre. and tanclene 5L. check with fuji dealer.

but putting dev rack to bleach rack is really dangerous.


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