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Density master control setting for 3101


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Where do I change the master density control to lighten all 35mm negs & prints coming through Net Order Mode on 3101?

The 35mm negs look so dark on the screen, even after calibrating. I usually end up lightening every print 3 times to get the desired result. Also, prints on external EZLab pc look great on that pc's monitor, but when printed by the 3101, they are dark. I need to have the machine automatically lighten the prints coming through Net Order Mode.

How do I do this? I tried changing a few settings that I thought would fix the issue, but they appear to have changed more than just the density setting.

Any help is appreciated. I can feel the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome if I can't get this fixed!

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Put a minus density correction into the CH00 balances, (put the same correction into C H & P balances) this will then go through to every print channel. So this will also change net order prints as well.

If the negative work needs further corrections, then add corrections to the scanner slope correction (negative) the master data setting will affect all negatives printed.

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