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lines on film prints


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First of all, We would like to thank two very special people who helped us enormously over the past week and a half when out motherboard and hard drive packed it in. I'm not sure that they want their names mentioned, as their help came through PM's. But, Mr. U.K. and Mr. Kentucky are two of the most helpful, thoughtful people we have come across. Our forum is lucky to have ALL you great people.

Now, our current problem...Would anyone know what is causing these lines? They are happening on prints from film only. We thought at first it was Fuji film being processed in our Kodak solutions, as they were only showing up on Fuji 400 film, but now they are showing up on reprints from negs that we never even processed.This would show us that it is not our film processor, would it not? They are ONLY showing up on prints from film, and are very sporatic...might be on one out of six prints, might be on every second one. Tracey can even see the lines on the monitor as she is scanning the negs. You can't see anything on the film though. We did one pic over for a customer a couple days after the first line apeared on it, and it printed fine...no stripe!

It was suggested that it might be our back-printer, but the stripes are horizontal, and our back-printer prints on the vertical plane.

We have stopped printing film for now and are strictly going digital until we can get this solved...Any ideas?????

We are cleaning with Q-tips and alcohol.

Brad & Tracey

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Our machine is a QSS 2901 sm. Loaded with Digital ICE...

In pic #1 the line is broken...clear in spots and then small bits of lines all the way across.

Second pic is straight across the whole frame and even has a small white line where the smaller arrow points.

In pic #3 the line ends about halfway through the print.

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Just the wheels were cleaned with q-tips...Tracey does all that stuff, she's the operator, I just help out when I'm not doing my other job.

She had Noritsu on the phone this morning about our film processor flow rates and she mentioned our stripe problem. Ran her through a couple of tests and it turns out that Raymond (Above) is correct....

Anybody know who would have a good used ICE pcb for sale????  Noritsu wants $$$$$$$$

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We had this problem and it turned out to be dirty rollers in the machine Do you take your rollers out each night and soak them in buckets of cold water (like noritsu tell you to do )  we only do this on a saturday nite because our shop is closed on a sunday if you are doing this set a neg and do 5 copys of the same print  after mornin setup we do this and find it removes the dirt off the rollers then it works fine for the rest of the day you should only need to do it after you have soaked the roller so if you only take them out once a week like we do u should only need to do it the next mornin. Give it a try you've northing to lose.

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someone may have said this already and I missed it, but we get this problem with our noritsu AFC a lot and the solutions a lot simpler. Have you taken apart the AFC and air dusted the lot of it? We call them laser lines, if you see they're all on at the same position on the print and its just where the reader goes crazy and gets confused. Are they close together, high saturation? That's how we always fix it and they come out fine afterwards.

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