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Qss 3311 Errors


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We have the QSS 3311 in our lab, and for the past year we've been experiencing many problems. Our major problem is "Lane select motor operation error". It seems to be a sporadic problem from time to time, but will get worse as the day progresses . We are in a situation where we have to send our digital prints through the machine as much as 25-30 times to complete an order of 200+ prints. Every time we get the error, there are three sheets of cut paper laying in the paper advance unit which we have to remove to continue printing. It costs us A LOT of paper, and time. We have to find where we left off after every occurrence, and/or start from the beginning.

Technicians have replaced rollers, gears... Things work well for the technician to run a few test prints...As soon as the technician is gone the machine returns to its normal slow pace.

A few things i've noticed:

1. The rate at which the machine prints varies throughout the day (with 4x6 prints, our main size). Sometimes it seems energetic, other times it takes an eternity to just do 27 prints.

2. There is some sort of audible "pop" comming from the area in the machine where the paper is just about to enter the chemistry.

3. Some sort of chip-board was replaced in the machine, located on (please bare with me, as i dont know the proper names for these machines) the only wall that slides out vertically, again right where the prints enter the chemistry. This actually had us thinking the problem was solved. 1 week later the machine was back to getting the error every 3 or 4 prints.

4. It only seems to happen with 4x6 paper. I've done orders of over 100 8x10's/5x7's with not a single "lane select motor operation error"

I noticed some others on here have had a similar problem. Is there a more permanent fix than ordering that board once a week?

Thanks in advance for any replies.  ;D

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