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"contact printing system" will be costler. If you looking for cheap one then have a look at S*mask. I think its singapore made. Or if you can afford Labnet Plus CPDM system. Its great and wonderful. But you will not be able to print from Film.

Your old 2611 will become as good as Noritsu 3300.  If you around Asia let me know we may be able to help you.



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No problem baca, understood. Never compared the two, except the one in our local Tesco, which is awfull. But thats not a level playing field, a machine that is little maintained or understood and abused daily by operators that seem to care little. If you PM me an addy, plus an image I'll send you a print.

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The main reason I didn't buy lazer was the uncertainty of component life and the difficulty in setting up the latest offerings (if you read the forum history you will see several examples of new machines taking upto 18mths to sort all problems, and even then suffering lazer problems) which is trouble and expense I can deffinately do without.

The reasons for buying the contact printer were quality of output and cost.

I allways view demonstration prints from manufacturers/dealers with a little caution, and like to see something from a 'working' machine. My Labnet 26D is now just over 12mths old, and in my small area at least, knocking the competition flat as far as quality of print is concerned.

My offer stands, if you want prints from a working machine I don't care where you are in the world.

If your choice is between a 'bolt on' carrier or a contact printer, having done the research, even considering the saving you would make with the 'bolt on', there realy is no competition. If you are considering lazer printers, why ask about bolt on's, which are at the oposite end of the market?

For comparisons, try finding the PMA competition results for last year, this technology beat most of the competition including several lazer printers.

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En 7/29/2008 en 4:29 AM, Photographis dijo:

La razón principal por la que no compré lazer fue la incertidumbre de la vida de los componentes y la dificultad en la configuración de las últimas ofertas (si lees el historial del foro verás varios ejemplos de máquinas nuevas que toman hasta 18mths para ordenar todos los problemas, e incluso entonces sufren problemas de lazer) que es problema y gasto que puedo deffinately prescindir.

Las razones para comprar la impresora de contacto fueron la calidad de la salida y el costo.

Siempre veo impresiones de demostración de fabricantes / distribuidores con un poco de precaución, y me gusta ver algo de una máquina 'en funcionamiento'. Mi Labnet 26D tiene ahora poco más de 12 m de antigüedad, y al menos en mi pequeña área, golpeando a la competencia plana en lo que respecta a la calidad de impresión.

Mi oferta se mantiene, si quieres impresiones de una máquina de trabajo no me importa dónde estés en el mundo.

Si su elección es entre un portador 'bolt on' o una impresora de contacto, después de haber hecho la investigación, incluso teniendo en cuenta el ahorro que haría con el 'bolt on', realmente no hay competencia. Si está considerando las impresoras Lazer, ¿por qué preguntar por las bolt on, que están en el extremo oposito del mercado?

Para comparaciones, trate de encontrar los resultados de la competencia PMA para el año pasado, esta tecnología venció a la mayoría de la competencia, incluidas varias impresoras lazer.

I have a 1501 but I can no longer find spare parts
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On 6/14/2021 at 11:01 PM, virgilio 7u7 said:

upgrade to 3001, then 32xx, then 35xx but I want to upgrade to 38xx or 39xx

If you have upgraded to a 3001, then 32xx, then a 35xx why are you asking for 1501 parts?

Your post seems to not make much sense...

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