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LCD vs CRT Lab Monitor


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We're thinking of replacing our CRT on our 3300 with an LCD monitor due to its dull representation which makes it difficult to PJP.  As Dave pointed out on a previous thread on this issue, the lab will override any monitor calibration, and Photographis and I talked about the uneven density of an LCD if it's not positioned right.  So, I appreciate some responses from those who have an LCD on their lab and whether you think I'm on the right track to get a clearer representation of images being processed from either film or digital.  Thanks.

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Monitor calibration (monthly setup) does not work ?  Does that mean you run the monthly setup, and when it finishes it fails ?

Don't you have to run it again if this happens, or do you just NOT run monthly setup ?

I'm considering this switch as well.

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We don't run "monthly setup", but we run "weekly". As far as I know, difference between "weekly" and "monthly" setup is only monitor calibration.

Yes, we would like to calibrate the monitor with calibrator, but all our attempts have failed, and we have adjusted it "approximately". Now the result satisfies us.

With LCD monitor we also take some additional room in our shop. This monitor is the best LCD, that we have found.


Is monitor calibration in monthly setup works properly with you monitor?

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Dear Liz.

Yes, You can simply plug new monitor, but You may take incorrect colors on it. You must adjust it.

QSS software don't recognize monitor. QSS software thinks, that you have monitor, installed with Profile Data.

Anyway, you can turn back the stock monitor.

PS: I didn't work with 33th machine, but I don't  think, that it have serious differences with 30th machine in computer part.

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Thank you, mpphotos.


One small thing:

CRT monitor have screen proportions 4:3, but the screen proportions of most 17-19'' nonwide LCD monitors is 5:4 (1280x1024). You can:

1. Like we, set display resolution to 1024x768, but the image will be a little stretched vertically (nonsquare pixels).

2. Set native monitor resolution with square pixels (1280x1024), but the QSS main window will be too small.

3. Find 15-17" monitor with native resolution 1024x768 or find monitor with 4:3 matrix (1400x1050 or 1600x1200) and set display resolution to 1024x768.

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All good helpfull input, keep it up guys. I don't like a distorted image, even if only for printing, sorry, but it just ain't right. I have a standard size 4:3 (not widescreen) lcd on my printer, and am allways glad to be back on my 24" CRT Graphics station.

There are some cracking little 'cheapies' out there (checkout Staples) if you are doing little adjustment at printing.

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