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QSS3201 film scanner problem


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Hi everone,

I am having problem with the noritsu 3201 film scanner. Problem with feeding the film through and clean sensor error report .  I've tried all the possibilities but with no success. I am considering to use another film scanner - epson perfection 4990 . Is this a good choice? if not , what film scanner I should use instead of the original  Qss3201 scanner .  

thanks for your help.


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Can you be more specific, which error messages do you get?

The problem with using a film scanner like Epson, Nikon etc. is the speed, they are MUCH slower than the minilab scanners, even with a very limited film production I would not recommend it, too time consuming.

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I am geeting the following message:

(Film Carrier sensor sensitivity)

(Adjustment was not Executed)



The film scanner is not used everyday -so at present time is not that important. My concern is the resolution of the image and I am not sure if Epson 4990 will do the job?

Thanks jvc1986,


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