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Part # 023530-01 fixed motor unit Recall


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The tech that looked at our QSS 2901 that has a damaged Fixed motor unit let it slip that in 2004 there was a recall on the unit. Would anyone on here have any info on that subject? Has anybody had Noritsu change the unit on the recall? The tech said that very few labs took them up on the recall, and simply kept running with the faulty unit.

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I wouldn't really call it a recall. It was more of a reliability improvement.

And to be fair the present units have lasted well over 5 years, so can't really complain.

Noritsu will normally only fit rank A modifications free of charge. As rank A are normally safety related.

For all the other ranks the mod is often free, but the labour to fit it is chargeable, and will normally only fit it when an actual problem occurs with it.

I guess it's too expensive to have people running around the country fitting modifications all day long!

The really sad part is that most of these mods sit on a shelf for years, and then simply get thrown in the skip.

The modification number is R504005-01-00

The part number of the new unit is Z023530-01

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