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2901 replacement memory card reader suggestions

Big Dave

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We are just using an ordinary Hama 31 in 1 card reader, the original one died some years back.

You can also buy a 3,5" card reader and replace the original one (SCSI) with a new USB version, just remember the PC-NRT3a is only USB 1.1 so it may be slow if you have not a newer computer inside with USB 2..

A SCSI card reader may be hard to find.

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Dave S,

I was looking at those units, as I have 2 others (same mfg) in use in the store on a WinXP machine, and they're good.

But doesn't the Noritsu software do some special "things" before and after use of the cards ?  

If I remember correctly, it would automatically do a "Safely Remove Hardware" step and then the little green light would go off and then, and only then, could you remove the memory card ?

Will there be any issues with Win2K corrupting memory cards ?  


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