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QSS-3704 Pro Colour shift in shadow areas


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We have a very-very new QSS-3704 Pro installed in April (built in February),  alongside our reliable  QSS 31Pro-turbo. All goes well after installation, runs with EZ  Contoller blah! blah! blah!, test prints look reasonable to OK but naturally don't match the prints from the 31Pro and we weren't expecting any miracles out of the box until we sent off the calibration sample images for a profile and apply  final tweaks.

Profile comes back with some significant improvement EXCEPT in the shadow areas. These take on a  predominant colour shift, depending on their digital and/or densitometrical values,  anywhere from a magenta to in most instances, a  yellow cast. In the areas of very low density the detail is void to the point where it prints white indicating a total loss of data. I can remember in the early days of the MLVA's for the 2711 and 2901's exhibiting a similar characteristic which particularly showed in clouds for landscapes or the white  dresses of Bridal images posterising in the shadows to a magenta  tinge. Their issues were fixed  profile and softare upgrades eventually.

Anyone else out there with a late model Noritsu or Fuji lab (seeing they're pretty close in the incestual family tree these days) experiencing similar problems, or can offer a resolve. We have bounced the issue back to Noritsu Australia for thier expiditious attention and resolve as the output prints cannot be retailed to the customer.

The effect mentioned does not occur for all, prints. just for particular values of grey in the LUT for the laser print engine. The problem may lie with the reduced table of gradation OR  now only running ONE AOM?

All our lab inventory, which include two theta 51's and a Net-lab2Plus are network printers running Labtricity workflow from the digital production/editing  section. Photocorp is a schools group and studio portrait package printing service provider, so all the prints for different sizes have to match.

Noritsu have been somewhat reticent in taking up the challenge here, trying to (pass the buck) intimate  the problem is local, i.e. chemistry, processor settings etc., which of course is  bullshit as far as I'm concerned. ALL  the machines are plumbed into the same supply from a chemical mixing and storage room.  Then they request time consuming "screen dumps" for all the equipment settings to forward to Japan for consultation, including the Initial Setup (which we did again for the 5th or 6th time). Process control graphs are within limits.....in actual fact, better than all the others.

Settings are identical to the 31Pro, and same paper for all machines, We have managed to match reasonably well to the other printers without too much drama......except this one.

Very frustrating to say the least

Appreciate any comments .

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Possiabily an issue with the colorimeter unit.

But I suspect it's more likely a software/ profile data issue.

As it's now running completely different software, there are bound to be bugs in it.

There always is in a completely new model.

Good luck in getting it sorted out!

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Actually, the Colorimeter was the source of a few problems for a couple of days after install. Symptom  were,  daily-set-up print looked slightly "different" to the QSS31 Pro, but there were no corrections required from the 18 step table. We accounted this to the characteristics for one AOM......wrong! We cleaned the cal plate, recalibrated, same, same. Then Noritsu swapped it out for a new one. Now the 18 step looks great at least, which brings us back to the original topic for this thread.

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