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Strange images from flatbed QSS2901


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We bought a Epson Perfection V350 originally to hook up to our Kodak Picture Maker, but it didn't work so I connected it to our QSS2901 instead.

But there is a strange problem.

Sometimes the scanned images get skewed and odd colors when scanned with the Flatbed input option, always good when scanned in photoshop.

Any idea why?

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When the profile data is loaded it gives you an option to select the type of flatbed scanner to be used. If the scanner model selected was a Umax this problem will occure.

The Epson perfection V350 is not listed, however you could try selecting V700 instead, it may work.

The software version ideally will need to be K, and the profile data 7.01 or later.

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Do you mean the profile data discs containing paper profiles?

I have updated the profile data, but cant remember that there was a choice for flatbed scanners there? (its a windows installation wizard right?)

How do i change this setting?

We changed the PC 1-2 years ago to a pc-nrt5a and at that time we did not have a flatbed scanner, so maybe there are no profile or maybe Umax is the standard?

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